Roman History Trip


Retrace the steps of the Romans and stand at the heart of Roman Britannia! Made a day of it and walk along the old Roman roads of the Fosse Way and Watling Street, gaze in awe at the High Cross Monument built on the site of an old Roman settlement and then relax at Fosse Meadows nature reserve!

The High Cross Monument

Location: Bumblebee Lane, Sharnford, LE17 5AT

This beautiful yet damaged monument was erected in 1712 at the charge of the Earl of Denbigh and features the coats of arms of the various lords of Leicestershire and Warwickshire, as inscribed in Latin on one side. The monument itself features stone Tuscan pillars and a large stone plinth and would have once supported four Doric columns and a large cross on the top. Sadly, the monument was struck by lightning in 1791 and what we see today is the remnants.

But why build a monument here? The other Latin inscription on the monument tells us: “If, traveller, you search for the footsteps of the ancient Romans, here you may behold them.”

The monument is in fact a wayside marker which marks the centre of Roman Britannia, for it lies on the most important Roman crossroads in England, where the Fosse Way (modern-day B4114 and A46) met Watling Street (modern-day A5). Here, there was also a Roman settlement, Venonae, which featured a garrison fort and a tomb. 

Stand beneath the monument on ancient ground. Find out more about the monument and the area's history on our heritage page.

Fosse Meadows Country Park

Location: Roman Road, Sharnford, LE10 3AB (Car Park)

Just a short journey away from the High Cross Monument lies the beautiful Fosse Meadows Country Park. As you approach the car park, you might notice the name of the road you are on, 'Roman Road.' This is because the road you are on is in fact the old Roman road Fosse Way. Why not take a stroll down it and imagine the cohorts of Roman legionnaires and civilians walking up this road on the long journey up to Lindum Colonia (Lincoln) or down to Aquae Sulis (Bath). 

At this point, why not take a quick lunch and tea break at the brilliant Mason's Il Cappo Del Caffè, located in the car park at Fosse Meadows. There you will find a great selection of hot and cold drinks as well as some tasty treats to refuel!

With coffee in hand then, why not take a stroll and bask in the nature at Fosse Meadows. There's something for everyone. Nature lovers are spoilt by the beautiful and clean surroundings featuring an array of woodland, wildlife and beautiful flowers. Families can enjoy not only the peaceful walks through the open spaces but also stop to enjoy the play areas situated in the park, perfect for the little ones! The area is also great for dog walkers, your furry friend is guaranteed to have a good time in this scenic park!