Fosse Meadows Breeding Bird Walk

15 July 2024
Spring bird

Come and listen to the birds of Fosse Meadows as they fill the early morning air with song. Enjoy the wonder of this magical time of year as you are guided around the park by experienced guided walks volunteer David Mitchell.

This free event will consist of a leisurely walk around Fosse Meadows where David will attempt to identify as many different birds as possible by sight and sound. The walk is suitable for any reasonably fit person and will last for approximately two hours. Participants are free to leave at any time.

Where and when is it?

Taking place at Fosse Meadows Country Park, LE10 3AB - meeting in the first car park (small one)

Date: Monday 15th July

Time: 7am

For more information call David on 07774 380 428. Booking is not necessary, can turn up on the day.