Welcome to the NEW Blaby District Tourism Map and Guide!

Visit Blaby are proud to present our BRAND NEW Tourism Map and Guide which anyone can use to plan their next trip in our beautiful district - whether it's your first time visiting or you're already Team Blaby! Let's Go!

What is the Map and Guide?

The map is intended to highlight some top picks for shopping, dining, leisure and unforgettable experiences. You’ll find key locations marked on the map with a number including attractions, our picks for food and drink, parks and open spaces, golf clubs, leisure centres and more. Our famous Fosse Fox Tourism Trail is shown with each fox’s unique logo marked on the map, and dotted lines show the 12 heritage walking trails across the district. 

We hope that you enjoy using our Map and Guide and that it encourages more people to visit Blaby district and raises the awareness of what a wonderful tourism offering the district has. 

The Map and Guide has been created using funding from HM Government and the EU Regional Development Fund.

Download the Map and Guide

You can download the full PDF version of our Map and Guide.

Find out more

If you wish to learn more about any of the businesses or attractions listed on the map then please use the following links:

For more information about any of the food and drink establishments on the map, please visit our Eat page.

For more information about any of the heritage points on the map, please visit our Heritage page.

For more information about some of the events mentioned on the back of the map, please visit our Events page.

For more information about the where to stay across the district, please visit our Accomodation page.

For more information about some of the attractions listed on the map, please visit our Attractions page.


To learn more about getting to and from the district, please find some useful links below:

For buses visit the Arriva website.

For trains to and from Narborough Station and to find out about station facilities, please visit the National Rail website.

If you wish to drive to Blaby district, then you can find out more about the district's car parks, electric charging points and more on the Blaby District Council website.

Blaby District tourism map
Last updated 29 March 2022