Kirby Muxloe Castle

Explore the atmospheric moated remains, the fine gatehouse, and complete corner tower of this brick-built mansion, which have been extensively conserved by English Heritage. Make it part of an enjoyable family day out in Leicestershire with a picnic in the grounds or take a walk around the moat.

This picturesque fortified mansion was built for Lord Hastings, who was dramatically seized and executed by Richard III in 1483. Hastings’ descendants still believe they have a direct line to the throne of England.

On Friday 13 June 1483 William, Lord Hastings, attended what he thought was a routine council meeting in the Tower of London called by Richard, Duke of Gloucester. When he left a few hours later, it was to be dragged out onto Tower Green and hastily executed without trial. Few falls from grace in English history have been quite so sudden or so shocking – even by the standards of the Wars of the Roses. Kirby Muxloe Castle serves as a poignant memorial to his ambition and sudden death.

Hastings’s family escaped further penalties and were allowed to inherit his lands. But when news of his death arrived at Kirby Muxloe, construction slowed and finally ceased altogether in September 1484. 

Kirby Muxloe Castle Kirby Muxloe Castle and Moat

Today the gatehouse and one of the corner towers survive within the moated site, offering a glimpse of what Hastings had intended to be one of the most advanced and fashionable manor houses of its day: Kirby Muxloe Castle

Last updated 25 June 2024