Route 12 -Countesthorpe , Foston, Kilby

Route 12 - Three villages, three different stories

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  • Countesthorpe
  • Foston
  • Kilby


Details of the route:

Distance: 9 miles or 14.5 kilometres.

Transport: The walk starts in Countesthorpe where there is on-street parking available. Alternatively use the Arriva 85 service from Leicester.

Summary: Our final walk is the quintessential English countryside trip with stunning uninterrupted views across rolling fields along with a long trip down a beautiful canal. Perfect for those who want to a peaceful and calm walk, this route will take you across mostly green flat land with the occasional passing of a nice pub and a small village. While you walk, learn about the history of the three villages on the eastern edge of the district: the thriving countesthorpe, the small Kilby and the now long-lost village of Foston. A fascinating story of three villages with very different developments.


Last updated 3 August 2022