Paradise Found Educational Farm Park

Paradise Farm Pig Pen

Paradise Found Educational Farm Park offer a complete visitor experience where adults and children can get to meet and interact with their favourite animals.

They integrate the animal experience with hands on play time for children, with an onsite cafe inside the barn offering an array of refreshments to eat inside or alfresco making it a great day out for families.

The Farm

Paradise Found Educational Farm Park have an array of wonderful farm animals.

Expect to see: Dexter Cows, Kunekune Pigs, Ducks, Chickens, Thoroughbred Horses, Ponies, Reindeer, Peacocks, Bantis, Frazzles, Marlins, Barn Owl, Rheas, Guinea Fowl, Turkey, South Down Baby Doll Sheep, Bora Goats, Sinne Goats, Angora Goat, Shetland Pony, Miniature Shetlands, Alpacas, Continental Rabbits, Giant Flops, Guinea Pig, Kakariki Birds, Massarelli Pig, Giant Tortoise, Giant Cockroaches and the worlds smallest breed of sheep, The Ouessant Sheep.

Visitors are encouraged to get involved with all the animals and feed is available to take around during your visit. The animals are all extremely friendly and used to people of all ages coming to say hello.

The Barn

The Barn is the focal point at Paradise Found Educational Farm Park. You’ll find a fantastic soft play area popular with younger visitors

The kitchen, where you can get all kinds of refreshments from soft drinks to hot coffees and teas, with plenty of snacks also available for hungry visitors! There are plenty of comfortable chairs and tables for everyone to take a break from the farm activities and enjoy their refreshments.

The party rooms and super hero room make birthday parties a success for children of all ages.  Plus a special garden room for senior citizens to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea.

Before you go you can also take a look at the gift shop and sweet shop for a souvenir of your visit to Paradise Found Educational Farm Park.

Find opening times and more on the Paradise Farm website 

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